Meeting: Friends of Fitzrovia Parks, 6.30pm Thursday 5 April 2018

Public park after snowfall.

Whitfield Gardens after overnight snowfall on 28 February 2018.

There will be a meeting of the Friends of Fitzrovia Parks at 6.30pm Thursday 5 April at Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Centre, 39 Tottenham Street, London W1T 4RX.  Continue reading

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We are looking forward to using our Grow Wild seed kit

Opened seed kit on park bench.

Our Grow Wild seed kit contains five collections of native wildflower seeds.

We are bouncing up and down with excitement as we’ve just received in the post our Grow Wild seed kit from Kew Gardens, ready to sow native wildflowers in Whitfield Gardens. The seed kit was the result of a successful application to improve part of one of Fitzrovia’s open spaces. Continue reading

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Catkins blossom on a hazel tree next to the Fitzrovia Mural at Whitfield Gardens

Male and female blossom on hazel tree.

Early February and catkins hang from a hazel tree. The Fitzrovia Mural is in the background.

As we approach mid-February catkins can be seen hanging from a hazel tree on Tottenham Street next to the Fitzrovia Mural in Whitfield Gardens public open space.

Hazel has both male and female flowers on the same tree, although hazel flowers must be pollinated by pollen from other hazel trees. The yellow male catkins appear before the leaves and hang in clusters up to 12 cm long, from February. Female flowers are tiny, bud-like and red in colour.

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It’s mid-winter… but there are signs of spring in Whitfield Gardens


Early blooms of snowdrops emerge from the cold ground.

The days are short and the nights are still long but there are the first signs of spring in Fitzrovia’s Whitfield Gardens. A clump of snowdrops have emerged from the cold soil and will be the first of the year’s flowers to bloom. More snowdrops will be on their way followed by daffodils and other bulbs which were planted in December.

Despite the cold Whitfield Gardens is a popular place to sit and relax away from the hustle and bustle of Tottenham Court Road. Lunchtimes, even in January, are almost as popular as the summer when people seek out some comfortable wooden benches to sit and eat their lunch or meet with friends for a chat.

People sitting in park.

The Gardens are enjoyed by people especially at lunchtime.

The Friends of Fitzrovia Parks are planning to continue the planting of flowers and are keen to establish some native wildflowers to encourage bees and other important pollinators.

If you want to get involved with planting in Whitfield Gardens this spring, please get in touch with us and ask to be added to our email list. We plan to organise planting in March.

Starting tonight there will be four evenings of an art installation on the piazza in Whitfield Gardens, part of Lumiere London.

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We’ve been planting daffodils, snowdrops, and other bulbs in Whitfield Gardens

Box of bulbs and gardening tools.

Six varieties of flowering bulbs have been planted in Whitfield Gardens this winter to give the public open space a burst of colour this spring.

The Friends group have been planting daffodils, snowdrops, tulips, hyacinths, and other bulbs in Whitfield Gardens this December, aiming to have flowers in bloom throughout the spring.  Continue reading

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Crabtree Fields, spring 2017


Crabtree Fields is small public open space on the corner of Whitfield Street and Colville Place with shrub beds, a pergola walkway covered in climbing plants, and a children’s play area.

Tucked away from the busy streets it is hugely popular with people who know where to find it, and it becomes very crowded during the summer.

You can contact Veolia (Camden’s contractor) should you want to report bins not being emptied or the cleaning of hard standing areas in the park.  Please either:

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Whitfield Gardens, spring 2017

White flowers and greenery.

Whitfield Gardens is a popular public open space at the corner of Tottenham Court Road, Tottenham Street, and Whitfield Street.

This small public park has eight wooden and five metal benches which provide space for rest and relaxation. During the busy weekday lunch hour it gets very crowded and people also sit around the edge and the steps on the piazza.

The gardens have nine large London plane trees and three areas of greenery.

You can contact Veolia (Camden’s contractor) should you want to report bins not being emptied or the cleaning of hard standing areas in the park.  Please either:

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